Aftern(u)n in the mountains
  • Aftern(u)n in the mountains

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    Once I was dreaming about what kind of person should I become, so I would have more people in my life that admire and like me. Who are inspired by me… And then I woke up with an idea – I am not a muse I am the CREATOR. I do not have to be inspiring, admirable or likeable. 
    I should concentrate on myself, change and shape myself, the way I want. Live and respect all my sides and all the shades of my personality. I was sliding through life, and looked back over my shoulder… I saw all those people, who I once sought to appreciate me. They were way behind me. They were proud of me, they liked me, they were inspired by me. But I could not look at them for a long time, because I was looking backwards.
    And when you catch good wind you must look forward in order to keep going your own way.


      • 100% linen
      • Hand made
      • The colour of the fabric differ slightly
      • Set of one bed sheet and two pillow cases

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